Anjuben R. Patel Bio

Anju R. Patel

Anju R. Patel was born May 15th, 1957 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, the daughter of farmers Pursottam & Santaben Patel. A loving sister to Taraben, Ranjanben, Ghanshyam, Bhavana, Saryu, Jayshree, & Bhasker.

Anju had a passion for life on the farm; she would walk barefoot to feel the warmth of the earth, and she would shine her radiant smile while playing in the rain. At home, Anju was fond of crafts, often knitting sweaters for her siblings. She delighted in the affections of her doting father as his favorite child. Pursottam and Anju would eat from the same plate, as she good-heartedly nudged him to harass her sisters.

Anju received a degree in Microbiology from Ahmedabad Science College. While in school, her timeless, delicate beauty caught the eye of Ravi C. Patel in 1974. Ravi left India to further his education and career in America in 1976. They wrote letters to one another and their courtship grew to a love that saw Ravi return to India to marry Anju in 1981. The next year, Anju & Ravi took each other's hand and embarked on an adventure to create a new life in a new land, moving to America.

Together with Ravi, Anju dedicated herself to learning a new language, new customs, and a multitude of new jobs. From small villages and modest means, they became owners of 9 businesses and 7 properties through a tireless work ethic.

Anju opened her life and home to anyone in need, regularly providing and caring for relatives and her community. She lived quietly, allowing the impact of her good deeds to be her voice.

Anju's greatest achievement in life is the one that is most enduring: being a mother. She devoted her life to her 2 adoring children, Khusbu & Anip, and was regarded as "Mummi" by all children in her family. She lived her life through her children; their endeavors and accomplishments were her source of fulfillment. Anju took great pridein educating Khusbu & Anip, both of whom became talented lawyers.

Some of the most important lessons Anju had to give were witnessed in the courage she demonstrated in her final year. Anju exhibited an astounding grace in her battle with breast cancer. While her body would wane, the beauty of Anju's spirit kept her heart full, if only to inspire her children to be unafraid of whatever life may bring. She affirmed her readiness to rest her fight; content with having presented her daughter's hand to Majid Kureshi in a love-marriage like her own; peaceful in having watched her dear son grow into a brave and confident man on the cusp of building a family of his own. Anju passed away December 2nd, 2012 at home, in the embrace of her family's love and prayers.

Anju was an excellent teacher, a selfless mother, a caring daughter, kind sister, and compassionate friend and a soul mate to Ravi . She spoke plainly and truthfully. Always put the needs of others before her own. Remembered as much for her kindness and gentility as for her strength. A special, simple woman who loved deeply, and is deeply loved by all.