About us

About us

Since 1990 Vadodara district areas has experienced significant Industrial growth and employment. The Trustees of Thuvavi Area Public Education Trust observed that Thuvavi school students were not able to benefit from these job opportunities, particularly those students who did not pursue college study. The youths were lacking entry level skills needed by the industry. Hence, the Trust decided to offer Industrial and other crafts skills to suit manpower gap in Vadodara and surrounding area industries. Shri D.K. Patel family offered necessary funding to start an Industrial Training Institute. In May 2014, Anjuben R. Patel Industrial Training Institute was inaugurated, initially offering two curriculums - Fitter and Electrician - in the existing buildings on the Thuvavi Schools campus. We are drawing students from surrounding localities up to 15 miles away as Thuvavi is located on major Vadodara - Dabhoi highway.

The School Campus is near Thuvavi Bus stand on a 0.5 Km ( 0-97-51 Acre)Compound with lush greenery having separate buildings for Primary school, High School and ITI. The compound is occasionally used as Party plot for convenience of local population.

Members of ITI Managing Committee :

1. Trust President Arvind C. Patel
2. Head Principal Miteshkumar K. Patel
3. I.T.I. Principal Girish Sathwara
4. Gam Sarpanch Chirag Patel
5. Tchnical Adviser B.M. Rathod

Thuwavi village have Primary education school long before India's Independence. A high school was in operation before and after Independence (1947) but was financially in trouble all the time. Afterwards most of the children seeking high school education traveled daily to Dabhoi or were sent away. The concerned residents gave another try in 1971 by starting Shri T.V. Sarvajanic High School in an existing building. The present Thuwavi Vibhag Sarvajanic Kelavani Mandal (Thuwavi Area Public Education Trust) was incorporated on 14th June 1091 under the guidance of Prof. J.C. Gohil of Rajpipala and under the leadership of Shri Iswarbhai Shankarbhai Patel, Shri Vithalbhai Iswarbhai Patel, Vice-President, Shri Chandrasinh Prabhatsinh Chavda, Hon. Secretary, Shri Naginbhai Chhitabhai Patel, Hon. JT. Secretary.

Early 1980's the older school building was not suitable and different facility was essential. Even though the agricultural economy at that time was not conducive, many concerned residents felt the need of a newer building for the High School. Following residents agreed to donate their land located near the bus stand at the entrance of the village for the school.